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Africa AHEAD meeting the Challenge of Covid 19 Pandemic

As a group of African Public Health Practitioners we are well qualified to help communities manage the Corona Virus pandemic as it sweeps across our continent. WHO estimates up to 44 million people in Africa could be infected in 2020-2021 if containment measures fail, and up to 190,000 could die of COVID-19.  We have a tool kit of visuals aids already developed and a team of exert facilitators to assist the population through Government and other NGOs in this fight for suvival. We have adapted our Community Health Club (CHC) approach to become emergency Corona Health Clusters (eCHC) whereby small groups of householders can form listening groups  trained through radio broadcasts. For donors wishing to support these initiaties please  contact us directly.


In Zimbabwe we are currently working in 5 districts mainly on emergency programmes in response to the Covid 10 outbreak, Cholera Outbreak and the reparation to livelihoods after Cycone Idai in March 2019

Empowered women through the  AHEAD Approach

Empowerment of women against all disasters: These women were in the eye of the cyclone which hit Chipinge district in Zimbabwe in March 2019. Thanks to working together in Community Health Clubs they have started a nutrition garden and can be seen here, in a time of Covid 19. Four months after Africa AHEAD completed the programme they sent us this amateur video, full of pride in their achievement, explaining to their neighbours how they prepared the garden with fertility trenches to enrich the soil. They want us to show the world how resilient they are.

 Africa AHEAD meeting the Sustainable Development Goals

Applied Health Education and Development (AHEAD) is our tried and tested methodology for enabling communities to meet many of the SDGs through their own efforts in a sustainable and integrated programme. We use Hygiene as an entry point into Water and Sanitation Programmes (SDG.6) leading on to Food and Nutrition Programmes (SDG 2) which resulted in improved health and prevention of most common diseases (SDG.3). Good Health plus the means to sustain it i.e. a mother who has the skills  to enable self sufficiency (SDG 8) which enables them with control over their own lives (SDG.5)  results in Poverty Alleviation (SDG.1.).


Therefore our AHEAD formula for fuly empowering community  is this:

(6+2=3) + (3+5=8) = 3+8=1      –     Bad maths  but good development!

The 5x5 Challenge explained

Community voices: from women in Zimbabwean Community Health Clubs

Our Featured Stories

Building resilience in Gutu District after Cyclone Idai

Gutu District in Masvingo province, Zimbabwe was  one of the 9 districts which were heavily hit by the Tropical Cyclone Idai in March 2019, resulting in most water and sanitation infrastructure being damaged. An estimated population of 270 000 in total, including 129 600 were affected by flooding and other damages caused by Cyclone. The…

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Africa AHEAD Consortium seeking suppport for Covid 19 radio programmes in Africa

Although so far Africa has been the continent least affected by Covid-19, the World Health Organization has expressed concern that the spread of the virus will accelerate, predicting that up to 44 million people in Africa could be infected in 2020-2021 if containment measures fail, and up to 190,000 could die of COVID-19.  As a group…

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COVID 19 Preparedness and Response

In response to the Covid 19 pandemic, Africa AHEAD is being  supported in Zimbabwe by UNICEF for implementing a programme entitled  ‘Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) measures against the novel Corona virus’, in partnership with Moriti oa Sechaba. Activities are currently being implemented to improve awareness of safe hygiene and sanitation practices, with a focus…

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Africa AHEAD’s support for victims of Cyclone Idai

Reported in the Standard Daily Newpaper, Zimbabwe 22nd December, 2019 Social commentary:with Fidelity Mhlanga Thirty-four-year-old Catherine Makwecheredze could not contain her joy. She was a reciepient of a new house, courtsey of Africa AHEAD, a non-governmental organisation that has come to the rescue of victims of Cyclone Idai, who were rendered homeless by the vicious…

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Assistance to communities hit by Cyclone Idai

Chistian Aid partnered with Africa AHEAD with the objective of alleviating human suffering in the wake of the disaster inflicted by Cyclone Idai in March 2019, which tore through Chipinge district leaving trail of destruction on the roads and bridges making it difficult to access goods and services. Efforts by the District Civil Protection Unit…

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Protected family wells in Zimbabwe

Africa AHEAD in collaboration with SKAT Foundation of Switzerland  (funded by Drink & Donate) have been supporting the Environmental Health Department of the MoHCC in Zimbabwe to run CHCs in Makoni District. The project provided water quality management and trained water point masons and artisans to enable the protection of family wells. In total during 2019,…

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