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Africa AHEAD’s response to the Covid-19 Pandemic in Africa

As a group of African Public Health Practitioners we are well qualified to help communities manage the Corona Virus pandemic as it sweeps across our continent. WHO estimates up to 44 million people in Africa could be infected in 2020-2021 if containment measures fail, and up to 190,000 could die of COVID-19.  We have a tool kit of visuals aids already developed and a team of exert facilitators to assist the population through Government and other NGOs in this fight for suvival.

Africa AHEAD is heading a  consortium which includes Health Povery Action and OPAD to start emergency Corona Health Clusters  trained through radio broadcasts in six countries (Zimbabwe, Zambia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Somaliland and Kenya).

The 5x5 Challenge explained

Handwashing in time of Covid 19

Empowered women through the  AHEAD Approach

Empowerment of women against all disasters: These women were in the eye of the cyclone which hit Chipinge district in Zimbabwe in March 2019. Thanks to working together in Community Health Clubs they have started a nutrition garden and can be seen here, in a time of Covid-19.

Four months after Africa AHEAD completed the programme the community organised this  amateur video, full of pride in their achievement, explaining to their neighbours how they prepared the garden with fertility trenches to enrich the soil.

They want us to show the world how resilient they are. Please support us to support them further.

Zimbabwean Community Health Clubs

Emergency Distribution of Hygiene kits for disabled

Our Featured Stories

Cyclone Idai Recovery Programme

Extract from Unicef WASH Newsletter August 2020 For full report click here ‘COVID-19 has significantly changed the course and way of life in Zimbabwe and continues to impact communities affected by Tropical Cyclone Idai that caused significant loss of life, injury, and displacement in the Eastern Highlands. The ongoing drought within Zimbabwe affected water supplies…

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Rujeko FAN club inspires other NGOs

Extract form PAINT Newsletter September-October  2020 For full report click here The Food and Nutrition Club in Chipinge has inspired an organisation for the arts known as PAINT to emulate their example of  sef sufficiency. “We were humbled to see women of various ages participating in key activities like health clubs, livestock rearing, gardening initiatives…

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Going for ZOD in Gutu

Leeroy Maliseni reports from Gutu District, Zimbabwe. Sanitation is critical for control of disease and in a time of Covid this is an important part of home hygiene. Unlike most of the rest of AFrica latrines have always been properly lined to prevent collapse.  Bricks are moulded locally and the pit lined all the way down,…

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Savings groups equip themselves for Covid

Canaan Makusha sends this report.   Women who have had CHC training understand that the best way to protect their families from Covid is to improve home hygiene. Instead of waiting for handouts from NGOs and Agencies, Africa AHEAD trains CHC members to see what they can do for themselves, to build their sence of…

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Powerhouses in Glen Norah

Moses Matondo reports from Glen Norah, Harare. Two  ‘Powerhouses’ in  peri urban areas have been tireless in their efforts to help their community in time of Covid 19. They are the two Joyces,  Joyce Philimpili and Chimbwero  who have between them set up 10 Covid Health Clusters each between 10-15 people. We want to shine…

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Gutu’s Mufukus – helping community access clean water

Like so many communities in Zimbabwe, the people’s need for  safe water has been ignored for decades as Zimbabwe’s infrastructure has fallen into disrepair. Boreholes are seldom maintained or rehabilitated.  People have to resort, like the elephants to digging for water below the sands. But this is not safe for human conspumption, as it is…

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