Africa AHEAD (Applied Health Education & Development)

Africa AHEAD’s response to the Covid-19 in Africa

Africa AHEAD   5 x 5 Challenge  aims to  start up at least 100 CHCs in 5 countries in the next 5 years to empower at least 5000 women to prevent 5 killer diseases at under US$5 per annum. Join us and fight Covid through Community Heath Clubs.

Download the 2020. Africa AHEAD 5×5 Challenge

TRAINING: We provide on line training to enable local partners to understand the CHC approach, to craft viable plan of action,  and conduct training in Community Health Clubs using the participatory approach which ensures high levels of  community response.

We provide those organisations  strained  through  Africa AHEAD the opportunity to register their CHC on our online CHC registry  as well as monitor activites with our own tailor made tool for community evaluation.

The 5x5 Challenge explained

Handwashing in time of Covid 19

Empowered women through the  AHEAD Approach

Empowerment of women against all disasters: These women were in the eye of the cyclone which hit Chipinge district in Zimbabwe in March 2019. Thanks to working together in Community Health Clubs they have started a nutrition garden and can be seen here, in a time of Covid-19.

Four months after Africa AHEAD completed the programme the community organised this  amateur video, full of pride in their achievement, explaining to their neighbours how they prepared the garden with fertility trenches to enrich the soil.

They want us to show the world how resilient they are. Please support us to support them further.

Zimbabwean Community Health Clubs

Emergency Distribution of Hygiene kits for disabled

Our Featured Stories

Super Highways for development

‘When CHCs are well established they become a super highway for other development initiatives’ is the response of the Executive Director of Africa AHEAD Zim when he learned of the great efforts by many CHCs in Zimbabwe, which are now running substantial enterprises, and managing to weather the Covid storm. For example the  Community Based …

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Training in a time of Covid

Africa AHEAD, like many organisations  in this time of the Covid pandemic, is trying to continue activities despite the difficulty of travel. In order to adapt our standard training in the Community Health Club approach we launched an  online course  using Zoom, and were encouraged by the response. In total there were 49 registered participants, …

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Days of Happiness in times of stress

Borehole rehabilitation during Village Pump Mechanics training at Firoumwe water point (ward 10) in  Gutu District in Zimbabwe is one of 36 boreholes being  repaired in the programme to build resilience in communities affected by Cylone Idai. This has been described as an “AA life changer” by  Firoumwe community members who are now able to …

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Launching Virtual Training for the CHC Model

Africa AHEAD Association is pleased to announce our first online training using Zoom,  for the replication and scaling up of the Community Health Club Model into 8 new countries through training and mentoring of partners requesting to start CHC projects. Training will take place in three Modules with participants moving progressively from Module 1. for  …

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Putting the ‘D’ for Development in A.H.E.A.D

Africa AHEAD has long been advocating for long term sustainable development of Communities, in a 4 stage process: starting with  health and hygiene, continuing to Stage 2 – the application of this knowledge for safe water and sanitation. Because CHCs are often started within the WASH Sector,  and despite the SDG call for more integrated …

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Cyclone Idai Recovery Programme

Extract from Unicef WASH Newsletter August 2020 For full report click here ‘COVID-19 has significantly changed the course and way of life in Zimbabwe and continues to impact communities affected by Tropical Cyclone Idai that caused significant loss of life, injury, and displacement in the Eastern Highlands. The ongoing drought within Zimbabwe affected water supplies …

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