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Vietnam :the first CHC Country in Asia

COMMUNITY HEALTH CLUBS TO BE STARTED IN VIETNAM In response to a strong request by the Ministry of Health, Danida agreed to sponsor the introduction of the Community Health Club (CHC) Approach, and the originator of the methodology, Dr. J. Waterkeyn (JW) was invited  to provide training and mentor local consultants so that  a pilot…

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South Africa, KZN Poster

This poster is a visual summary of the Danida funded IWRM project in South Africa, where 10 CHCs achieved high levels of behaviour change within an 8 month period. 2009.KZN poster.pdf

Cholera Mitigation Case Study

Community Health Clubs were started in Mutare, Zimbabwe in an effort to combat the rapid spread of Cholera in Zimbabwe in 2009. This is an inspiring account of how well mobilised women were able to role back this deadly threat and prevent any daths from cholera in this high risk area. The paper presented at…

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Zimbabwe Case Study

A short summary of hygiene behaviour change in Zimbabwe, updating from the ground breaking early projects in 2001 in Tsholtsho, to recent projects in Chipinge where similat levels of change are being recorded. It points a way forward as to how the MDGs can be achieved by scaling up the CHC approach as is being…

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South Africa:KZN Case Study

This is a summary of the achievements of a pilot project which was using Community Health Clubs to promote hygiene behaviour change in  Kwa Zulu Natal, and shows that this is an effective methodology for sound development in rural South Africa South Africa KZN Rural Case Study

Uganda IDP Case Study – pdf download

In 2005 Community Health Clubs were started in IDP Camps in Northern Uganda, where numerous NGOs had been trying to introduce safer sanitation for the past 18 years in one of the worst ongoing conflicts in Africa.  Inspite of much sceptism that nothing could be done to aleviate this chronic public health situation, the 120…

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