Daily Archives : August 10, 2010

eThekwini Water Services Extends Johanna Road Pilot Project

In response to the results of the Johanna Road Pilot Project, eThekwini Water Services (EWS) has decided to extend the project by 6 months so that Impiloyethu can continue onto the next phase in the Applied Health Education and Development (AHEAD) methodology, where graduates are invited to participate in weekly Food Security, Agriculture, and Nutrition…

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Johanna Road Pilot Project Graduation

Africa AHEAD is excited to report that 31 members of Impiloyethu Community Health Club graduated 10 April 2010.  In recognition of their efforts, a morning ceremony was held at the Education Centre at the Northern Treatment Works in Durban. The events began with a public viewing of the CHC’s agri-tubes, tyre-step project and communal improvements…

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