Daily Archives : December 20, 2011

CHCs take off in Rwanda

October, 2011 The training of Training in Rwanda for the scaling up of the CHC Approach was completed in November 2010, and since then the process has been rolling out across the country in an unprecedented fashion. Supported personally by a presidential directive from President Paul Kagame, the Environmental Health Department is jumping around establishing…

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GATES Foundation team visit Rwanda

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have been quick to recognise the importance of monitoring and evaluating the scaling up of the CHC Approach in Rwanda, through the Presidential Initiative which has directed everyone of the 15,000 villages¬† in the country to start CHCs, through the Community Based Environmental Health Promotion Programme (CBEHPP). The latest…

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International visitors from OXFAM visit Masvingo

01 December, 2011 Report by Morgan Hayiza   ZimAHEAD Project Officer. Oxfam staff from UK, Germany, Scotland and Zimbabwe had an opportunity to visit the Community Health Clubs and rehabilitated water points in Masvingo Rural District of Zimbabwe, where ZimAHEAD implemented an OFDA funded Water and Sanitation Project through OXFAM GB. The project ended in…

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