Africa San Conference 2019

Africa San Conference 2019

Africa San Conference 2019

Africa AHEAD is combining with the World Bank to host a session at the Africa San Conference in Cape Town in March 2019 entitled

Enhancing sanitation and hygiene investments for human development impact in Africa  

The Water Global Practice of the World Bank Group has invested heavily in understanding the impact of sanitation and water across various dimensions of human capital, including infant and child mortality and morbidity, maternal health, and  education. The session presented by Martin Gambrill will firstly present on these analytical foundations showing evidence that presents a strong case for the role of sanitation for the human capital agenda. The session will then highlight examples of World Bank support for sanitation and hygiene investments as integral to maternal, newborn and child health initiatives in the region, and practical ways that these investments can be enhanced for greater impact.

This will be followed by the Africa AHEAD presentation which will be delivered by Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn entitled:

Hygiene promotion as an entry point for a process of change to address the SDGs through Community Health Clubs

Our objective is to inspire development practitioners and policy makers  to build on current sanitation activities by broadening into a more holistic long-term programme across a number of SDG targets using Community Health Clubs as a vehicle for development.

We are seeking to identify development partners  who are seriously interested in developing a national programme to scale up this model  in their country, as has been done so successfully in the Rwandan Community Based Environmental Health Programme which is now being recommended for African countries in the Kigali Action Plan.