Dr. Jason Rosenfeld

Jason Rosenfeld, Associate for Carribean Countries

Jason Rosenfeld (DrPH, MPH) was the first intern in Africa AHEAD, a Political Scientists who had just completed a Public Health Masters, with field experience inKenya. He joined us first in Cape Town, where he helped to put together the website for Africa AHEAD as well as write a proposal which enabled him to become a Project Manager of a CHC project in rural Kwa Zulu Natal where he was fully immersed and was able to monitor the CHC approach first hand at grass roots level. He assisted in the first cell phone monitoring we conducted and presented the methodology  when it was comparatively new to our field. He was then seconded as Technical Advsor to our Zimbabwe Programme in October 2009, where he assisted for a further year, writing proposals which were accepted by  ACF  and  USAID in 2012, both being some of our most sucessful programmes. During the year in Zimbabwe Jason  co-authored a comprehensive School Health Club manual with Juliet Waterkeyn which was funded by Unicef, but unfortunatley never published. On his return to his home in the USA in 2011, Jason joined  the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, as a senior lecturer.  Being a dedicated  CHC enthusiast, he soon adapted  his experience in Africa to the other side of the Atlantic, developing a tool kit for the Caribbean culture, based on our own visual aids. He then started a small research project  in Domenican Republic which resulted in some interesting new data. He then mentored a sucessful replication of the CHCs into Haiti where they are now flourishing through a local initiative, and in Burkana Fas through one of this students. In 2014 Jason’s arranged for Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn to  speak to the Municipality of San Antonio.  After this, he was able to start the first CHCs in the USA within the Latino communities around San Antonio. Jason completed his PhD in 2019, at the University of North Carolina, and his thesis is one of the most relevant research these for our organisation and his TED talk is one of our best advocacy tools to promote our CHC Approach.

Publications relevant to Community Health Clubs
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