Africa AHEAD Associates

Country Advisors

Country Advisors (above)  are citizens of the country where they live, speak the local language, have a good in country network,  and relevant experience with management of a  CHC Programme. They are sometimes retired or employed elsewhere, but are available for part-time consultancy to design CHC Programmes, provide mentoring on the CHC Model, train trainers in the CHC Model, as well as provide experienced monitoring and evaluation of CHC Programmes

Technical Advisors

Honorary Associates

Honorary Associates are those who have assisted Africa AHEAD  in the past as Trustees or volunteers, and who have supported and enhanced the replication and scale up of the CHC Model in Africa AHEAD, in various ways, either through publishing, mentoring or advising executive staff technically or administratively. They are a Council of wise men and women, who are part of our history, whose efforts we would like to acknowledge. They  have agreed to remain linked with Africa AHEAD as an Honorary Associate.  If required they are willing to  provide a reference  or verification of our activities.