Africa AHEAD Founders

Founder and Director of Advocacy & Dissemination

Anthony Waterkeyn Director of Programmes Cape Town
Anthony Waterkeyn, Co-Founder &       Chief Executive Officer (2017-present)

Anthony Waterkeyn first trained in Building Management and has a M.Eng Tropical Public Health Engineering from Leeds.  In 1985 he worked   WaterAid in Kenya and Zimbabwe for 11 years. He has done evaluations of WASH programmes for DFID, CARE, and DANIDA, World Bank, African Development Bank and CoWater  amongst others for the past 25 years. He Co-Founded three NGOs: Mvuramanzi Trust in Zimbabwe in 1993, Zimbabwe AHEAD Trust  in 2002 and Africa AHEAD in 2005.  As WSP-World Bank Specialist Advisor between 2003 -2011, he  was behind the national WASH policy in Rwanda which  resulted in the Community Based Environmental Health Promotion Programme.

Founder and Director of Research & Training 

Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn, Chief Executive Officer Cape Town
Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn,
Co-founder, Research & Training Specialist

Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn  first developed the CHC concept in 1993 in Zimbabwe.  In the past 20 years,  she has been responsible for introducing this model  into many countries, particularly in Africa. She was the first founding   Director of  Zimbabwe AHEAD (1999 -2013), a local NGO established  to pilot the CHC approach and has worked as a consultant with many agencies and NGOs  developing  national CHC training manuals  and visual aids for Zimbabwe, South Africa, Rwanda and Vietnam.  She was awarded a Fellow of the Royal Society of  Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (2004) and  an AMCOW Award as ‘distinguished woman leader in sanitation’  in 2010.