Africa AHEAD Association

Africa AHEAD Association

Africa AHEAD Association (AAA) is a Not for Profit Company, registered and based in South Africa, consisting of Directors and Members known as Honorary Advisors.

The organisation is headed by  two Directors, the pioneers  of the CHC Approach,  Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn (CEO  2013-2016) and Mr. Anthony Waterkeyn (CEO  2016-2019).

Honorary Advisors are ex-patriates who have supported Africa AHEAD over the years as Trustees or volunteers. They  assist Africa AHEAD pro bono  as  advisors and wise councellors.

The objective of AAA is to enable the replication dessimatation and scale up of the Community Health Club Approach, particularly in Africa.

We have formed  an international  group of  consultants who are known as Associates who are  tried and tested practitioners with long experience in the Community Health Club Methodology, and who have a strong believe in the CHC model as a sustainable means of community development.

We have categorised these Associates into  three levels: Regional Representatives, Country Advisors and Training Associates

Regional Representatives co-ordinate Country Advisors  to build capacity of  NGOs and governments in their region to scale up the CHC methodology with the assistance of Associated Trainers.

A Regional Representative is an honory title given by the Founders to certain collegues who have significent understanding  the CHC approach, due to research or long experience. They are not necessarily employed by Africa AHEAD, but are available for part-time consultancy, mentoring, project design and evaluation, or technical support should the opportunity arise, and are assigned to certain regions based on thier experience. They have  agreed to become  an Associate of Africa AHEAD, but have no contractual obligation nor liability  with Africa AHEAD.

Country Advisors   are Programme Managers with long experience of  managing CHC Programmes as well as training other trainers in the CHC approach. They are typically citizens of the country where they reside, they speak the local language,and have a good in country network. They maybe  retired or employed elsewhere, but are available for part-time consultancy to design CHC Programmes, provide mentoring on the CHC Model, train trainers in the CHC Model, and for monitoring and evaluation of CHC Programmes.

Associated Trainers are Project Officers, who have  long experience of training the community and starting up CHC Programmes. They are usually employed or have been employed by Africa AHEAD and are able to conduct workshop and trainings in the local language at community level.