UK Board of Trustees

Africa AHEAD’s Main Governing Board of Trustees in United Kingdom.

CHAIRMAN          (2017 – Present)

Prof Richard Carter, Chairman              2017 -2019

 Richard Carter is a geologist,  MSc in irrigation and water resources engineering, with a PhD in water policy and management related to semi-arid west Africa. He has worked for more than 40 years on the social science and engineering of water development and management, focusing on sub-Saharan Africa.  Professor of International Water Development at Cranfield University in (1981-2002), with  numerous publications.  Head of Technical Support at WaterAid (2009-12). Currently Director of Richard Carter & Associates Ltd,  focusing on  rural development in low-income developing countries.



TRUSTEE – UK      (from 2017)

Michael Mills, Secretary to the Board, since 2016

Michael Mills, Secretary to the Board, is an investment professional with many years experience of emerging markets.  He ran Lloyds Bank’s renewable energy business for Europe, worked for African Infrastructure Investment Managers and established the renewable energy business at ResponsaAbility Investments AG, a development sector fund manager headquartered in Zurich where he is now  senior Advisor to ResponsAbility, based in the UK.





TRUSTEE  / Founding Chairman (2013-2017) 

Prof Sandy Cairncross Chairman, Africa AHEAD -UK

Prof Sandy Cairncross

Sandy Cairncross is Professor of Environmental Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, with over  175 published papers , was awarded  the OBE in 2012, as well as an AMCOW Award for his contribution to the Water and Sanitation Sector in Africa.  Technical Director of  WELL,  Director of the TARGETS Research Programme  Consortium, Deputy Director of  SNOWS Consortium (2009) for research capacity building in Africa and now  Research Director, SHARE Research Programme Consortium on sanitation and hygiene (2010) and co-editor of Tropical Medicine & International Health.



TRUSTEE  from 2014 

Barbara Evans, Trustee UK

Barbara Evans, Trustee

Prof. Barbara Evans is Professor of Public Health Engineering at the University of Leeds working in WASH development for 30 years:  senior water and sanitation specialist at the World Bank-WSP;  co-director of the Leeds Centre for Global Development; Chair of the Strategic Advisory Board of the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Program on Water Supply and Sanitation. She has worked extensively in South Asia and Africa as advisor to World Bank, UNICEF, WHO, Global Sanitation Fund, WaterAid, Global Partnership for Output-based Aid and DFID.



TRUSTEE  from 2016

Oliver Cumming is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) researching epidemiology of water, sanitation and hygiene in low-income settings, assessing the impact of WASH interventions on childhood enteric infection, nutrition and oral vaccine failure in Africa and South Asia. He has advised governments and international agencies on policy issues relating to water and sanitation and public health and has published a number of scientific articles in this field.

TRUSTEE  from  2018
Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn, Chief Executive Officer Cape Town

Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn,
Co-founder, Research & Training Specialist

Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn  first developed the CHC concept in 1993 in Zimbabwe.  In the past 20 years,  she has been responsible for introducing this model  into many countries, particularly in Africa. She was the first founding   Director of  Zimbabwe AHEAD (1999 -2013), a local NGO established  to pilot the CHC approach and has worked as a consultant with many agencies and NGOs  developing  national CHC training manuals  and visual aids for Zimbabwe, South Africa, Rwanda and Vietnam.  She was awarded a Fellow of the Royal Society of  Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (2004) and  an AMCOW Award as ‘distinguished woman leader in sanitation’  in 2010.

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