Dr. Jaap Kuiper, Chairperson,  Trustee since 2018
(from 2020)

Dr. Jaap Kuiper M.Sc., PGDE, PhD has worked in Africa for over 30 years in the field of education as lecturer, researcher, professor and Dean of Education,  Iscor-Billiton Chair for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education (South Africa). working in Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria and  based in Zimbabwe as a consultant.

Languages: Dutch, English





Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn, Founder Trustee, Secretary to the Board

Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn is the Co-founder of Zimbabwe AHEAD (1999) as well as sister organisations Africa AHEAD in South Africa (2005). She was the originator of the CHC methodology and  completed her PhD and published on ‘Cost effectiveness of CHCs’. She received an AMCOW Award in 2010 for her services to sanitation in Africa through the CHC Approach. She continues to research the dynamics of hygiene behaviour change and develops trainng material on the subject.





Anthony Waterkeyn, Founder Trustee (ex Chairperson)

Anthony Waterkeyn is Co-founder of Zimbabwe AHEAD, Mvuramanzi Trust, and Africa AHEAD. He has a M.Eng Tropical Public Health Engineering from Leeds and one of the first personnel in WaterAid working  in Kenya and Zimbabwe for 11 years. He has done many evaluations of WASH programmes for DFID, CARE, and DANIDA, World Bank, African Development Bank, CoWater for the past 25 years. As WSP-World Bank Specialist Advisor between 2003 -2011, he  was behind the national WASH policy in Rwanda which  resulted in the Community Based Environmental Health Promotion Programme.



Janette Heatherton, Trustee since 2013 (ex Chairperson)

Mrs. Janette Hetherton based in Zimbabwe, has worked in development programmes  for the past 20 years, as a consultant on administration and management. She  was Country Representative for New Zealand Aid which  supported Zimbabwe AHEAD (2001-2005) in  the construction of a Community Centre  in Makoni District where Community Health Clubs. With long experience of the AHEAD approach, she was Chairperson of Africa AHEAD Zimbabwe, until 2019.





Smolly Moyo, Trustee since 2017

Smolly Moyo is Founder and CEO of Connect Water,   a company which manufactures water treatment plants encompassing water purification and waste water treatment with an emphasis on careful analysis of each client’s needs to contribute towards the uplifting of standards of living for fellow citizens.






Sally Whitaker, Trustee since 2018

Sally Whittaker born and brought up in Zimbabwe,  is a social worker, assisting  the marginalised and terminally ill through personal  support. She  has 30 years of personal experience of development in Zimbabwe working  with womens group. She is also a well known musician and music teacher in Zimbabwe, with a wide network amongst philanthropists.





Claire Griffiths, Trustee since 2019

Claire Griffiths joins the Board in 2019 as an expert on Agriculture and Reforrestation…