Guinea Bissau

READ MORE: NEWS FROM GUINEA BISSAU Africa AHEAD provides training for Effective Interventions: Africa AHEAD was invited to partner with Effective Interventions to set up an applied research programme in the southern districts of Timbali and Quinara, to establish if the extremely high infant child mortality in Guinea Bissau could be reduced by improving access…

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Effective Interventions¬† (E.I) is a UK based Foundation formed to provide case studies of how to lower Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) in developing countries. Currently, two major research programmes are being conducted in India and Guinea Bissau. The latter was chosen as it is one of the poorest countries in Africa with an estimated 300…

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Health clubs to start in Guinea Bissau

Effective Intervention is a UK based foundation dedicated to reducing infant mortality rate in developing countries. It has selected Guinea Bissau as it is one of the poorest nations in Africa. It was found that some districts, as many as 300 in every 1000 infants die before they are one year old, from lack of…

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