CHC Online Training Module 1

How to ensure ‘Common Unity’  in your community

An introductory course to understand the social psychology of how  ‘Community’ can be developed.

Target Participant: Environmental Health Heads, NGO Project Planners and Managers of WASH Programmes

Topics : 

1. Session 1:         Why People Change: Theories of Health Promotion

2. Session 2:       How to build Common Unity through Community Health Clubs     

3. Session 3:       How Applied Health Education and Development meets the SDGs

4. Session 4:      Membership, Mobilisation &  Monitoring

5. Session 5:       Expected Outcomes of a Community Health Club Project

Objective of training: To enable you to decide if you want to start a Community Health Club Programme

Language of training: English

Access: An online training course conducted through Zoom by invitation

Date26th April, 2021

Duration:  5 days

Frequency: daily

length of session: two hours


Single coupon : US$50 per person per  course for one person to one email / Zoom invitation.

Facilitator: CHC Co-founder  –  Director of Research and Training, Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn

To discuss details contact: [email protected]