These are genuine extracts from interviews with project beneficiaries and their families providing qualitative insights into the CHCs and why they work.

  • Juliet meets Juliet – an insight into the sustainability of good hygiene

    The Founders Juliet and Anthony Waterkeyn went on their annual tour of the programme in Zimbabwe to see how the team were doing in Makoni District where the SKAT funded project was revamping CHCs and installing Rope & Washer pumps for a self supply water project.  However whilst the  technology was disappointing the CHC methodology…

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  • The sustainability of the Rope & Washer Pump

    Field Trip to Makoni District by CEO 6th December 2018 SKAT is supporting the introduction of locally fabricated Rope & Washer pumps in Makoni District and Africa AHEAD has been working with the communities to install around 60 of these new pumps, replacing the conventional upgraded family well which for the past 30 years has…

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  • CEO of Africa AHEAD delighted by the CHCs in Haiti

    A major failing in the current WASH programme in Haiti today is that although ‘safe’ drinking water may be coming out of the tap, hand-pump  or  Bio San Filter outlet,  re-contamination is clearly still a huge challenge, because of poor handling and storage of drinking water so that  the water is not ‘safe’ at all by the…

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  • Haitian CHCs: the magic of solidarity – how making wine brings a community together!

    At the annual UNC conference which attracts the great and the good in the WASH sector annually in North Carolina for a week of sharing experience in the WASH Sector, the most interesting people I met were  two ordinary non academics  who were to me the most extraordinary  people in the conference…. Jude Francois and Marie…

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  • BBC reports on Community Health Clubs in DRC

    April, 2016 ‘The happiest people I have ever seen singing about a toilet!’ says the BBC reporter who captured a rare moment of optimism in this traumatized nation. Read the full story ‘Bawili’s story is quintessentially Congolese. In 1998, her husband was shot when rebels attacked their village. She fled with her children to Tanzania,…

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  • “None of us got those sicknesses”

    “My children used to often get typhoid, diarrhea and vomiting and we had to spent lot of money at the hospital. Ever since we started to practice the hygiene methods in my home, none of us got any of those sicknesses. Added to that, making of the new toilet has enabled us to get rid…

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  • “I taught my husband”

    “I taught my husband and children to follow everything I learned in the class. Another important thing I learned and practice is washing the hands before and after handling food and defecation.”
  • “Practising hygiene”

    "I learned the importance of personal hygiene as well as the cleanliness of the surroundings, also to boil and cover the drinking water and keep it in a clean vessel. I use a clean dipper to take the water from the container for drinking. My children used to often get typhoid, diarrhea and vomiting and we...

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  • “Free from Malaria”

    “My family was always suffering from malaria. Ever since I attended the training my family and I began to clean up the surroundings and made sure to empty the containers used for water collection-especially in the rainy season. Since then we are free of malaria. We have saved some money from the hospital expenses. Mosquito…

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  • “The life we are supposed to live”

    ‘I like the club because of the idea of bringing people together. You get ideas from this one and that one. So you learn everything. You  share your knowledge. I did enjoy it. Because to me it had a direction of the real life we are supposed to live’ – CHC Member, Zimbabwe
  • “Time for Fun”

    ‘I like the club because of the knowledge you get there and the discussions we have in the lessons. I enjoy it when you answer questions. You have some time to laugh and have some fun.” – CHC Member, Zimbabwe
  • “Enjoying competition”

    “After each of the sessions I wanted to learn more. So I had to complete all the sessions. I also wanted to compete with others actually to answer all those questions on the membership card.” – CHC Member, Zimbabwe
  • “I had to complete all the sessions”

    “After each of the sessions I wanted to learn more. So I had to complete all the sessions. I also wanted to compete with others actually to answer all those questions on the membership card.” – CHC Member – Gutu, Zimbabwe
  • ‘I have to be presentable’

    “Really, I will stay there (at the CHC)  until I die. The health club keeps me fit because everyday I have to be presentable. When you meet me you have to know this is somebody in this world. So it keeps me smart and keeps me healthy and fit.” – CHC Member, Mberengwa, Zimbabwe
  • “Deaths caused by Ignorance”

    “Well, at first I saw the hygienic practices being practiced in a certain area and I envied it. I also wanted to acquire health knowledge and practice the hygiene practices that I saw others doing. Also to teach my family and members of our village as some of the deaths are caused by ignorance of…

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  • “Unity with my friends”

    I will continue to be a member.  I will continue to learn and I love to continue going to the club. The unity, the relationships, the knowledge… I want to continue acquiring these and having this unity with my friends.” – CHC Member, Zimbabwe
  • “Prevent disease before it reaches the people.”

    “As the Minister of Health and Child Welfare, I came here to see  the preventative aspect of health.  We tend to concentrate on hospitals  – that is where our efforts as Government have been. People have go to hospitals when they are already ill. Our idea here now (with the Community Health Club), is to…

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  • “Having respect is quite important”

    “I gained respect just from joining the club. Having respect is quite important because lots of people will come and I will be giving advice, and before joining the health club this didn’t happen.” – Zimbabwe CHC Member