Manual for Environmental Health Officers.

This manual is for project managers who want to understand how to start up and monitor Community Health Clubs.

Download English version:  5 Rwanda EHO Training 2011_english.pdf


Ministry of Health: 

Africa AHEAD: [email protected]


Manual for training Community Health Workers

This Manual is a practical guide as to how to run the 24 health sessions in Community Health Clubs.It is designed for use by Community Health Workers. This version in English is currently being translated into Kirwandese, and should be completed by April, 2011 .

Down load here: English version 9Mb


Ministry of Health:

Africa AHEAD: [email protected]


The Community Health Club Approach: Manual for Workshop Participants

Developed by Waterkeyn, J & Mutandiro, J. 

Produced by:  Africa AHEAD.

ISBN 978-0-620-46626-4

Date: 2010

Users: This Manual is a practical guide available only for workshop participants accompanied by training through  Africa AHEAD- Zimbabwe.

Content: This is a three Module  training court  which includes:

  • Module 1: One Day Introduction to the CHC Approach
  • Module 2: Planning workshop: How to start CHCs
  • Module 3: Community Monitoring & Management of CHCS
  • Module 4: Participatory Health and Hygiene [Training for 29 Health Sessions.

Zimbabwe Country Director: Regis Maitmati: [email protected] 



A Catalogue of Visual Aids for Promoting Health in Rural Communities

Produced by: Zimbabwe AHEAD

Developed by: Juliet Waterkeyn

Date: 1999

Illustrators: B. Madekurozwa.; J.Waterkeyn; W.Kaniero; K. Makurumure

Users: Management wanting to select visual Aids for Training of Trainers

Topics: Community Members, Water Storage, Water sources, Drinking Water, Germ Theory, General Hygiene, Bilharzia, Malaria, Skin Diseases, Worms, Sanitation Ladder, Sanitation Story, Nutrition, Extractable Bush Pump,

School Health Clubs: A Manual for School Health Staff

Produced by Africa AHEAD

Funded by Unicef

 Developed by Juliet Waterkeyn & Jason Rosenfeld

Illustrated by Itay Njagu

Contents:  30 sessions of activities for  three terms of weekly  participatory Health  Promotion Sessions for Junior, Middle and Senior School Pupils

Term 1: General Health and Hygiene

Term 2: Environmental Health

Term 3: Life Choices and Health



Produced by:  City of Cape Town – Health Department / Africa AHEAD.

Developed by Juliet Waterkeyn (Africa AHEAD)

Illustrated by: T. Waterkeyn, B. Madekurozwa, Crossley.N, I. Njagu (cover)


Download: Community Health Clubs in Informal Settlements: A Training Manual for Community Workers using Participatory Activities.

Target Users: 

This training manual is designed to be used for training community workers in informal settlements in South Africa who are preparing to develop and implement Community Health Clubs (CHC) using the participatory toolkit of visual aids.

This manual is divided into three modules:

  • Module 1: FEASIBILITY: This module provides rationale for the CHC Approach.
  • Module 2: PLANNING: This module provides guidance on how to start a CHC project.
  • Module 3: TRAINING OF TRAINERS: This module provides guidance on how to train community workers how to use the participatory toolkit of visual aids (below).

For more information contact:

Africa AHEAD ([email protected])
City Health Department, Cape Town. (Tel 27 21 400210)
Translations of Module 3 sessions are available in Zulu.
Contact [email protected]

Participatory Toolkit of Visual Aids

This toolkit is comprised of the 13 sets of illustrated cards found below. These visual aids are used to guide  the 24 CHC educational sessions and stimulate member participation.