Organisation Enrollment for Training Course Module

Process of booking a Group Training Module:

1. Log in and register as a user on the Africa AHEAD website  (top right corner)

2. Select the Module  (Orange button) and decide whether to pay in one tranche for a Group (up to 20 people)  or for Single Courses

3.  Pay  with paypal, card or bank transfer  by clicking the  green button which takes you to a shopping card and pay page

4. Confirmation is sent to you once  payment is received – If by bank transfer this may take 2 weeks. Card or paypal is instant payment.

5. Dates: Email the course manager and arrange a suitable date –  email: [email protected] 

6. Coupon access: For Group payment you will receive a Module Coupon for up to 20 participants  to allow  access the Module once they have logged in. 

     NB. There is no reduction for less than 20 participants. For more than 20 either select another group payment or individual access.

             If there are less than 20 participants Africa AHEAD reserves the right to combine training with another group as there must be a minimum                of 15 participants for a Group Course.  Module 1-3 with only single access available  must have a minimum of 5 participants. 

7. Registration: Before the training date all participants must login and register with the coupon provided.

8. Advance booking: The dates for the training should be arranged with Africa AHEAD at least one month in advance. 

9. Timing for the sessions can be arranged to suit the Time Zone of the participants

10. Start up: The Training  will not be started until full payment is received in advance.


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