Monique Oliff

Dr. Monique Oliff, Technical Advisor, East Africa

Dr. Monique Oliff has over 20 years of international global health experience as a skilled primary care clinician, health communication specialist, researcher, trainer and consultant, with diverse stakeholders in varied sectors.  She is a skilled trainer, facilitator, motivator and strong communicator – who builds confidence and capacity at all levels through training approaches that are innovative and grounded in practice. Committed to bringing research and practice closer together through quality multi-disciplinary implementation research, Monique is an experienced researcher, with a PhD from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (2002). She worked with the Founders starting a CHC programme for miners in hostels of Johannesburg.  She is currently pioneering the use of eCHC (electronic Corona Health Clusters) in an innovaative programme which seeks to use ‘bodaboda’ drivers (motorbike taxis) as peer educators in an emergency programme to stop the spread of Corona visus in Kenya.

Languages: English, French,Kiswahili