10. Parasitic Worms


After this session participants will know how to identify a child with worms, and how to prevent worms.

  1. Keep plates and pots away from dogs and livestock
  2. Don’t allow dogs to defecate in compound, especially if there are babies and toddlers on the ground
  3. Don’t allow dogs to lick children’s  faces
  4. Cook all food thoroughly – especially pork products
  5. Wash or peel fruit before eating
How to use the Card set

How to use the Card set  in a participatory way

Prevention and Cure

The facilitator explains the symptoms of a child having worms: 

1. An itchy anus (4)

2. An extended stomach (5)

The cure is explained (card 20)

Three people are selected to come to the front and each given a card to hold up showing the different types of worms (1.2.3.)

 All the transmission cards (6-13) are given out to the audience.

Each person with a prevention  card  (14-19) comes to the front and stands in front of  the appropriate transmission card, thereby blocking that route, and explains how this can be done.

Preparation for the lession


Download the pdf layout from link above ‘Materials’

 Print each picture on  A4 paper. 

Fold each paper in half and laminate.

Print out  one page Facilitator Guide.

These visual Aids are provided under Creative Commons license whereby you may use them on condition that you agree not to remove the Africa AHEAD logo or accreditation

If you want to add your own logo please contact the course supervisor.

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1. Round Worms

2. Thread worms

3. Tape Worms

4. Child with itchy bottom

5. Child with extended stomach


6. Child eating dog’s excreta

7. Dog eating baby excreta and licking child’s face

8. Animals finishing off food left overs

9. Serving food at a table (off the floor)

10. Washing up plates after eating

11. Boy in latrine without shoes, near worms

12. Boy defecating under mango tree

13. Child eating unwashed frui

Transmission of worms



14. Boy in latrine with shoes

15. Mother peeling fruit or washing fruit

16. Mother serving hot food

17.Dog outside the compound

18.Washing dishes on pot stand

19.Keep nails short

20.Taking medicine for worms

Prevention of worms