14. Bilharzia


After this session participants will know how bilharzia is transmitted and prevented and will know what practices are required by a Community Health Club member .

  1. Bilharzia is transmitted by open defecation and urination which spreads eggs into the rivers where it has contact with people
  2. Use a bath shelter instead of washing in the river
  3. Wash clothes and plates at home not in the river
  4. Practice cat sanitation or use a latrine.
  5. Get tested and treated if you have blood in your urine or faces, and are feeling tired with headaches, you are likely to have Bilharzia.
How to use the Card set

How to use the Card set  in a participatory way

  1. Hold and Describe:  The facilitators hands out the transmission cards (1-6)  to the audience and each person comes to the front and describes what they see. Explain the transmission cycle and arrange those with cards so that the audience can understand the life cycle. Discuss the signs and symptoms of bilharzia. 
  2. Bear witness: The members raise their hands if they have experienced any of the symptoms of bilharzia in their family. 
  3.  Transmission:  The cards that show ways bilharzia is transmitted are given out and each one with a card explains what they have in their picture. Ask people to raise their hands if this has been seen in their community. 
  4. Blocking the Route: Give out the cards that block the route of transmission. Ask those with cards to position themselves in front of the appropriate card  that show the  transmission of bilharzia. 
  5. Discussion: Which is the most affordable, appropriate way to stop the spread of bilharzia. 
Preparation for the lession


Download the pdf layout from link above ‘Materials’

 Print each picture on  A4 paper. 

Fold each paper in half and laminate.

Print out  one page Facilitator Guide.

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Person infected with bilharzia in gut


Faeces with eggs being flushed into river


Eggs hatching inro Cilia and going into snail




Man urinating into river


Man defecating into dry river bed


Woman collecting water, cilia entering her leg


 Women washing clothes in river with bilharzia


 Men washing in the river


Women washing plates in the river




 Man covering faeces (cat sanitation)


 Man spraying river where snails are host


Women taking water from handpump


 Boy washing in wash shelter


Girl washing plates at home


Women washing plates at home


A household latrine


Taking medicine to treat bilharzia