15. Malaria



After this session participants will know how Malaria is transmitted and prevented and know they should practice the following in their home:

1. All members of the family should use an insecticide treated mosquito bed net to protect them from mosquitoes 

2. All breeding sites for mosquitoes should be controlled

3. To cover up well at night to prevent mosquito bites

4.If no nets are available to use spray and gauze on the windows

5. Take Malaria pills immediately if someone gets infected.


How to use the Card set

How to use the Card set  in a participatory way

  1. Hold and Describe:  cards are handed out to the audience and each person comes to the front and describes what they see.
  2. Bear witness: The members raise their hands if they practice what is shown on the card
  3.  Blocking the Route: The cards can be used with other card sets to block the route of a certain disease 
Preparation for the lession


Download the pdf layout from link above ‘Materials’

 Print each picture on  A4 paper. 

Fold each paper in half and laminate.

Print out  one page Facilitator Guide.

These visual Aids are provided under Creative Commons license whereby you may use them on condition that you agree not to remove the Africa AHEAD logo or accreditation

If you want to add your own logo please contact the course supervisor.

Any alterations or additions can only be done by Africa AHEAD Association 



Mosquitoes laying eggs and larvae


Mosquito pupating and flying off


 Woman with malaria being bitten by mosquito


Woman without malaria being bitten


Same woman sick with malaria


Woman taking Malaria pills


 Rain water collecting in drums and potholes


 People emptying water from drum and potholes


Man pouring oil over malaria breeding site


 Woman clearing bush from around house


 People covering up well in the evening


Woman spraying home with insecticide


 Person protected by mosquito net


Other methods of killing mosquitoes