18. Food Security



After this session participants will be aware of some good farming practices when starting a communal nutrition garden.

  1. Prepare the vegetable beds by digging 1 meter fertility trench and mix compost and manure to enrich soil 
  2. Plant Euphorbia bush as a hedge around garden to protect from livestock
  3. Make 5 beds for each gardener and practice crop rotation
  4. Use intercroping to enrich soil and protect from insects
  5. If short of space use a vegetable mound technique
How to use the Card set

How to use the Card set  in a participatory way

NB. These pictures are only a reminder for trainers to ensure that organic growing techniques are used by CHC members.

  1. Hold and Describe:  cards are handed out to the audience and each person comes to the front and describes what they see.
  2. Bear witness: The members raise their hands if they practice what is shown on the card
  3.  Demonstration: This session should accompany the actual preparation of a nutrition garden where these techniques are physically demonstrated.
Preparation for the lession


Download the pdf layout from link above ‘Materials’

 Print each picture on  A4 paper. 

Fold each paper in half and laminate.

Print out  one page Facilitator Guide.

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Nutrition Garden 





Digging I meter fertility trench


Fenced Communal nutrition garden


Planting a living hedge


Crop rotation


Digging a vegetable mound


Growing cabbages on a mound




 Drying fruit and vegetables