Malawi Transform Membership Card

The training topics are based on the topics selected by the client from Africa AHEAD’s generic toolkit of Visual Aids. 

Click on the session in the membership card below to access the training page.

At the top of each page there are two tabs

Course: takes you to the page for the training

Materials  : to download the printed card sets and facilitator guide for each set.

Printing of the Visual Aids

Each session has a card set of visual aids which must be printed before the session is held.

Print out on A4 paper in colour if possible but otherwise black and white is acceptable. 

Fold each paper in half, so that the picture is A5 on one side and the Name and number are on the other side.

Laminate each card if possible or use plastic covers. 

Provide each CHC facilitator with a set of the cards to take home after the training.

Each set should be held together with a rubber band to prevent loss of cards.

Each facilitator should be given a waterproof school bag to store the Toolkit.


1 Covid 19 1stNovember Safe greeting / coughing
2Handwashing 2ndNovemberTippy Tap in yard
3Personal Hygiene 3rdNovemberBath  shelter
4Skin Diseases 4thNovemberTreatment
5Diarrhoeal Disease 1st December Food covers/ Individual plates/ model kitchen
6Dehydration 2nd DecemberKnowledge of SSS
7Respiratory Diseases 3rdDecemberGood ventilation
8Open Defecation 4th DecemberZero Open Defecation
9Improved Sanitation 1st JanuaryImproved latrine
10Worms 2ndJanuaryTreatment
11Water Source 3rdJanuaryuse of clean source
12Water Storage 4thJanuaryCovered water & ladle
13Water Treatment 1st FebruaryWater Filter
14Bilharzia 2ndFebruaryTreatment
15Malaria 3rdFebruary Treated Mosquito nets
16Good Nutrition 4thFebruaryNo stunting
17Food Security 1st MarchGrowing veg & fruit
18 Food Hygiene 2ndMarchDrying rack for veg
19Child Care 3rdMarchAll vaccinations
20 Female Hygiene 4thMarchreusable  sanitary pads
21Gender Equity 1st AprilAll girls at school
22HIV/AIDs & STDs 2ndAprilUse of condom /Testing
23Community Action 3rdAprilGroup plan of action
24Community Drama 4thApril Know health song