3. Personal Hygiene



After this session participants will know the standard of personal hygiene expected of Community Health Club Members.

  1. All adults and children should wash daily
  2. Each CHC home must provide  soap to wash bodies
  3. Use a bath shelter outside / bathroom in home
  4. Wash clothes regularly
  5. Air and/or wash bed clothes regularly
How to use the Card set

All  picture cards are given out, depicting a range of different hygiene practices or situations typical of the local area. Each participant must hold up a picture and decide if the practice is ‘Good’ (Safe), ‘Bad’ (Unsafe), or ‘Medium’ (Unsure/Average) in terms of health risk. Either put the cards into 3 piles or people with their cards form three groups and discuss reasons for the grouping. 


Those holding the cards remain at the front holding up their card. Then everyone is asked to stands up. Each person shows their card one at a time, and anyone who is not practicing what is shown on the card must sit down. Those that are left standing after all the cards have been shown are the ‘winners’ and they are praised as being a good example and what all CHC members must aspire to become.

Preparation for the lession


Download the pdf layout from link above ‘Materials’

 Print each picture on  A4 paper. 

Fold each paper in half and laminate.

Print out  one page Facilitator Guide.

These visual Aids are provided under Creative Commons license whereby you may use them on condition that you agree not to remove the Africa AHEAD logo or accreditation

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Personal Hygiene 


2.1. Boy washing face in the morning

2.2. Boy washing body in the evening

2.3.Brushing teeth

2.4.Washing hair

2.5.Cutting hair

2.6. Woman washing 

2.7. Man washing 

2.8. Woman washing clothes

2.9. Cutting finger nails

2.10 Washing genitals

2.11. Washing underclothes

2.12. Burning used sanitary pad