Child Marriage & Early Pregnancy


At the end of this session participants will understand that: 

1. Child marriage has deep cultural roots and is a very sensitive subject which if mishandled  can bring further harm to children. 

2. Children as young as 10 are married off without understanding what is happening to them, manipulated by their family for bride price. 

3. Because talking freely about sex is taboo, many  teenagers know nothing about sex or how babies are conceived, and are traumatised.

4. They are married off because of  resources at home for a bride price, therefore they are a used as a commodity.

5. For their husbands family they are free labour and abused sexually at the will of the husband, who is often their fathers age.

5. There is a high risk of such early pregnancy as they may be permanently damaged in child birth, with damaged bladder,  ‘fistula’, which makes them in continent for the rest of their lives, with pain  every time they urinate. 

6. They are often returned to their family in this condition and are stigmatised as ‘fistula’ is seen as an act of ‘Gods punishment.’

7. They never complete their schooling and have no chance of breaking away from dependency

8.Child marriage is against the law in most countries but conflicts with traditional laws and religions, therefore it is condoned by  many societies, which practice it secretly.

How to use the card set in the Community

Making a Story 

Give out the pictures to the group and ask them to make a drama using the  the pictures. This will enable you to know more about certain cultural aspects of the community, and give them the chance to show some of the issues surrounding Early child marriage and pregnancy. 


It is critical that this is followed by  a good discussion about that practices are common in the area, and explore the questions above. If necessary split the group into male and female group so as to discuss.

Make sure to complete the session with some clear plans as to how the Community health Club can assist in some way.

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Child Marriage & Early Pregnancy




My daughter was doing well at secondary school


When she got her first period I told my friend


Her brother went drinking with my husband


He agreed he wanted to marry our daughter


My daughter would have to leave school


The boys teased her for being a child bride


She stayed home whilst her brother went to school


Her husband took her away to his house


Soon she was pregnant but she was too young


She was damaged in childbirth and sent back to us


We have many children and we are very poor


She helped to collect firewood


She  just stayed at home with no prospects for work


I am so sad for her as she was so clever.


1. Is child marriage legal in your country?

2. Does child marriage occur in your country. If so to what extent? 

3. Do you have any first hand experience of children who have been married as teenagers? 

4. How does early marriage  impact on their lives?

5. How can we break the vicious cycle of mothers replicating their own experience in their daughters life?

6. How can a Community Health Club help support children to  understand about sex and early pregnancy. 

7. What will you undertake to do in your Community Health Club about this serious misuse of the girl child through ignorance.