Module 1: Introduction to the Community Health Club Approach



Module 1: Introduction to the  Community Health Club Approach

Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.

Next Available Date: 

Access: An online training course conducted virtually through Zoom

Cost per person: US $50 

Summary of Training: For those who do not know much about the Community Health Club Approach and want to understand the rationale behind the methodology.


  1. 26th April: What makes people change?
  2.  27th April: Common Unity in ‘community.’
  3.  28th April: Membership of a Community Health Club
  4. 29th April: Sustaining Good Hygiene Behaviour for life
  5. 30th April: Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals  through AHEAD

Target Participant:

  • Project planners and managers / students and interns in NGOs.
  • A background in public health is not essential.

Required facilities for participants:

  • Individual email account
  • Reliable connectivity for Zoom
  • Computer with video and audio

Language of training: English

Duration: 5 days (every afternoon)

Time : 2 – 4 pm (South African Time)

Number of  training sessions: 5 sessions

Duration of session: 2 hours

Facilitator: CHC Founder – Director of Research and Training, Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn


  • Payment: full payment in advance
  • Cancellation: No refund for incomplete or late attendance
  • Training Materials: Powerpoint in .pdf and Zoom recording available to participants
  • Intellectual Property:  (Creative Commons)

Presentations can be shared with acknowledgement but not changed without permission of Africa AHEAD

  • Completion: No access to materials / recordings once course date is expired
  • Sharing of Screens: No reduction for participants who may share screens.