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Seminars / Interactive Training


  • Module 3:  5th – 19th January 2021: Monitoring  a Community Health Club

  • Module 4:    22nd  January – 16th April 2021:  How to facilitate Health Promotion Sessions in a CHC

  • Maximum of 30 participants – places still available 

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Programme of Training Dates for 2021

Session NumberDayDateMonthModuleTopic
1Tues5thJanuary3Village Registration
2Fri8th 3Registration of CHC online
3Tues12th 3Household Inventory
4Fri15th 3ODK Mobile Ap upload
5Tues19th 3Analysis of data of ODK Ap
6Fri22nd 4Covid 19 / Respiratory Disease
7Tues26th 4Hand washing
8Fri29th 4Common Diseases
9Tues2ndFebruary4Personal Hygiene
10Fri5th 4Skin Diseases
11Tues9th 4Diarrhoea  / Cholera
12Fri12th 4Dehydration / ORS
13Tues16th 4Infant Care /Weaning
14Fri19th 4Malaria
15Tues23rd 4Food Hygiene
16Fri26th 4Water Sources
17Tues2ndMarch4Drinking Water
18Fri5th 4Zero Open Defecation
19Tues8th 4Improved Sanitation
20Fri12th 4Solid Waste
21Tues16th 4Worms
22Fri19th 4Bilharzia
23Tues23rd 4Pregnancy & child birth
24Fri26th 4Model Homes
25Tues29th 4Social Challenges
26Fri2ndApril4Early Pregnancy
27Tues6th 4Drug Abuse
28Fri9th 4Alcohol Abuse
29Tues13th 4Gender based violence
30Fri16th 4Good parenting


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