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How Beekeeping sustains Community Health Club members in Zimbabwe

Background In 2014, Africa AHEAD (ZimAHEAD) partnered with ADRA Zimbabwe to train 250 Community Based Facilitators as well as Ward and  District level government officials in Wards 8, 9, 33 and 34 including 8 schools on starting and strengthening existing Community and School Health Clubs to scale up public health promotion. Bee keeping training was…

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Apiculture at Schools in Gokwe North, Zimbabwe

6th  Oct – 7th  November, 2014 Zim AHEAD staff conducted a training on Apiculture for 250 Community Based Facilitators and 4 School Health Masters and 3 School Development Committee members drawn from 5 wards trained in Gokwe North for ADRA Japan. In fact the same group of Community Based Facilitators had already been trained  in 2011…

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