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READ THE LATEST NEWS FROM UGANDA – (click here) COMMUNITY HEALTH CLUB PROJECTS 1. CARE International (funded by Gates Foundation) In 2003, Africa AHEAD provided training for 23 facilitators from HIDO, a local NGO and a PHAST Toolkit was developed specifically for the IDP Camps. Trainers were then posted into 15 Internally Displaced People’s camps…

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Health Integrated Development Organization

HIDO is an indigenous NGO based in Gulu District in Northern Uganda. It was formed in 2004 by Ugandan medical practitioners and is comprised of an energetic group of recently qualified clinicians and health assistants. It is dedicated to serve internally displaced people caused by the Lords Resistance Army (LRA), which for the past 18…

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Rapid Sanitation Uptake in IDP Camps of Northern Uganda

Okot, P., Kwame, V., & Waterkeyn, J. (2005). Rapid Sanitation Uptake in the Internally Displaced People Camps of Northern Uganda through Community Health Clubs. Kampala. 31st WEDC Conference. Abstract: When thousands of people are forced to live in poor living conditions in a closely confined area the immediate health risk is the lack of sanitation…

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