Director of Africa AHEAD, Anthony Waterkeyn explains the 5×5 Challenge

World Water Week, Stockholm

Minister of Health visits  CHC project LINK

The Minister of Health in Zimbabwe visits one of the project sites, where Zimbabwe AHEAD is operating. This video show how Zimbabwe ahead has managed to influence policy.

Content: A good intro into Africa AHEAD, narrated by Programme Manager and Country Director shows how has it been endorsed by the national Hygiene and Sanitation Strategy and also in the National Water Policy.3.48 Minister’s visit. speech with subtitles in English. Rating *****


 What is a Community Health Club?

Length: 7.13 minutes


Content: Snap shots of the range of CHC activities- starts with an urban health club meeting. Lovely music makes one happy. Subtitles make it understandable and a good introduction for new audience.   Rating ****

  • 1.3. Children traditional dancing
  • 2.08. CHCs empower women through education.
  • 4.45 CHCs achieve more with less.
  • 7.13  Empowering the community

Zimbabwe AHEAD in different Projects

Length: 7.53 minutes


Zimbabwe AHEAD has set Community Health Clubs in different provinces in Zimbabwe. This video shows the different areas Zimbabwe AHEAD has worked in by 2013. It shows the sheer energy of women and the effect that CHCs have had on women’s lives. Rating *****


  • 0.01.  Map of project areas.
  • 0.21. Masvingo , Bindura (WHH)
  • 1.13. 1.37 Makoni (Danida)
  • 3.09. Masvingo borehole rehabilitation
  • 4.10.  Mberengwa (ACF)
  • 5.26 Tsholotsho (CNFA/USAID)
  • 6.12 Chipinge and Chimanimani (USAID)


Dr Parirenyatwa Minister’s speech 

Length: 4.59 minutes

Published on May 18, 2015

The Minister of Health in Zimbabwe Dr David Parirenyatwa endorses the Community Health Club Approach after a visit to one of the project sites.This video records an important mile stone when the Minister of Health calls for more preventative projects rather than just investing in hospitals. He calls for the CHC as a study case for the whole country to learn from it. ‘Can we make it national?‘ The policy is then shown by Africa AHEAD Country Director. English Subtitles and easily understandable for foreigners.  Rating *****


Use of Flash Cards for Training in Community Health Clubs

Length 2.5 minutes


Africa AHEAD has for the past twenty years been developing an extensive range of Visual Aids for training communities in good health and hygiene. These ethnographic illustrations are used in participatory (PHAST) activities which enable people to problem solve through visualisation.

Review: A nice short video of some of the most attractive illustrations for WASH training . This video shows some of the key messages used in Zimbabwe which are available from Africa AHEAD along with training for use in Community Health Clubs. Very useful video as it is short and attractive and can be used to break up a presentation. Rating *****

 Community Health Club Activities

length: 5.56 minutes


Infectiously jolly music against a collage of impressive photos of the inside of CHC kitchens, CHC venues, mapping, tippy taps, latrines and gardens… mainly facilities rather than people and an ideal introduction for a foreign audience.  Rating ****

 Zimbabwe AHEAD Community 1   

Length: 9 minutes   


Review: An overview: snapshots of Community Health Club and School Health Clubs in Zimbabwe  without explanation, to a background of calm music! Rating ***


Zimbabwe AHEAD in the Community 2

Length: 12.28 Minutes


This video shows how Zimbabwe Ahead is working with different communities. It shows us how effective Community Health Clubs (CHCs) are in developing communities.”Toimba Ishe” by Bonnie Deuschle.

Review: Calm music. Needs subtitles with facts and figures.

  • 0.02. Bindura Clean-up.
  • 1.16. CHCs in action
  • 2.40.  Chimanimani sanitation
  • 3.15.  Club venues
  • 4.44 Nutrition gardens.
  • 5.55 Makoni Health Clubs income generation.
  • 6.50 School health clubs.
  • 7.08 Athletics.
  • 7.45 Gutu CHCs.
  • 9.30 School Health clubs Gutu and Mberengwa.
  • 11.13 Masvingo Health Clubs.

2015 Bulilimani and Mangwe : Monitoring and Support

Length: 6 minutes


Singing and a demonstration of a health session all in Ndebele, with 2 minutes of snap shots of homes.  Rating  **


2013 Community Health Club Activities: USAID

Length: 8.23 minutes


CHC member explains how she build her latrine. First 3 minutes quite fun! Next 4 minutes rather long explanation all in Shona. Last minute shows staking out a latrine. Rating **


 Cholera Mitigation in CHCS: USAID

Length: 7.03

Content: Frenetic dancing in a circle for first 2 minutes, which conveys the happiness of the CHC. Then the bicycles for the field workers arrive.  The demonstration of one of the latrines constructed in Chimanimani, where pits were lined with rocks an sand imported. shows community demand driven sanitation.


Zero Open Defecation in Zimbabwe 

Blanket Coverage of CHCs in Gutu 

Length: 14.59 minutes


Review: Women singing noisily while everyone arrives for a meeting. 3.00 A drama, amusing for Shona speakers, too long for foreign speakers. 11.14 a demo of a health session. 12.23 women singing.. needs translation. Rating **

 School Health Clubs in Zimbabwe 

Length: 7.30 minutes


Published on Aug 4, 2015

In 2012 Zimbabwe AHEAD in partnership with Action Contra la Faim started 53 School Health clubs in Gutu and Mberengwa Districts of Zimbabwe with a total of 3,101 members, and 15,825 beneficiaries.

Review: Opens with kids singing and goes onto Mberengwa graduations with a good song. snap shots of school activities showing tippy taps , and the raucous song goes on too long. Needs subtitles. Rating ***

  • 2.43 Gutu Health Clubs
  • 3.05 student talking rather quietly.


Monitoring Progress in Community Health Clubs 

Length: 3.19 minutes

Review: This is a brief introduction to the online CHC registry at shows the potential of this as a tool for monitoring the hygiene behaviour change of CHCs. It is in clear English and useful for pitching this website for other users. Rating *****

Minster of Health visits CHC

What is a CHC?

Different projects in Zim

Minister's Full Speech

Use of Flash Cards

CHC Activities

Community 1.

Community 2

Monitoring and Support

Cholera Mitigation in CHC

ZOD in Zim

School Health Clubs

How to use the chcahead monitoring tool